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Malibu Vista


Free Flood Estimate 888-349-2564 Restoration

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Free Flood Estimate – Los Angeles Flood Services dispatches experienced contractor & technicians that will provide a no obligation assessment & free estimate for flood restoration services you need.

If tearing into your property is required, confined space or a high liability diagnosis is a factor, initial and agreeable fees may apply. Qualified restoration specialists are ready 24/7 – 365 days a year to handle your emergency.

We dispatch first responders to your location usually within an hour or sooner. So, call today for immediate service.

As you can imagine, we’ve seen many floods and fires strike over the years, catching property owners off guard and causing everything from small mop ups to residential or commercial soakers. We’ve also seen the stress it can cause to the property owners. One thing is for sure… you cannot predict a disaster! but… you can always count on us responding quickly and with a reliable cleanup crew.